Research and development

New designs and innovative solutions, all created in one place.

ICM was founded in 1989 to create a company in the lift sector. The choice of location for the new company in this sector has over the years confirmed the strategic value of the project. ICM has grown in recent years thanks to significant investments made in every business sector, from commercial to technical, management to production, as well as logistics, focusing heavily on the training of its employees. ICM, characterised by the highly flexible the technical office, can boast a non-standard production, adapting to the many needs the various situations involve.

ICM has created a proposal aimed at customer satisfaction with a product offering excellent technical-constructive quality that enables its positioning on the market among the leading companies. ICM mainly makes metal structures for lifts, which have accompanied its growth in recent years. Since 1996, with the manufacture of the ICARO mini-lift, ICM has met all requirements relating to removal of architectural barriers, favoured by technicians and designers for insertion in private architectural contexts and beyond, where customisation is required.


ICM Marine

ICM Marine, part of ICM Lift Group, renowned for its ground installations, is a small company that manufactures lifts, goods lifts, food lifts and custom-made trolley lifts for ultra-luxury yachts (from 40 to 75 metres). ICM Marine is the classic example of Italian excellence and its companies, which, although small, are very successful around the world thanks to the high quality of the product offered. It is based in Trento and is one of the few companies that can boast an offer specifically dedicated to the world of yachts and luxury boats and for now has built lifts and other systems for 130 yachts.


Design and functionality

ICM Marine lifts are characterised by sinuous lines and a refined and sought-after design that perfectly adapt to luxurious environments such as yachts. To create them, the Italian company uses high-quality materials and highly qualified technicians that satisfy the most particular demands both in terms of space and design. For example, food lifts, despite being simple to use products, require in-depth feasibility studies for placement in small spaces.



To accommodate clients, and to respond to today’s trend, lifts and all ICM Marine systems are then customised. Particular attention is paid to the regulations to be applied to lifts and the treatments on materials making them suitable for the marine environment.


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Work with us

Human resources are a strength ICM. We work with people motivated and sensitive to client requirements and, for this reason, we strongly value the professionalism and the skills of our employees. We are an expanding company and for our development we need workers, fitters, designers and planners.