ICARO electric G


ICARO electric G

ICM launches its new ICARO G gearless lifting platform, the result of a careful research investment, which leveraged the best technology available today in the market.
Safe and reliable, ICARO G was designed to offer users better operation comfort. This accomplishment is possible thanks to the silent and compact gearless motor.
ICARO G was designed to fulfil the needs of installers and maintenance operators, since it speeds up installation and maintenance time while making them simpler.

Plant and technical drawings

A12 cabina 1400×1400 – masonry shaft C23 cabina 900×1200 – masonry shaft
A12 cabina 1400×1400 – structure C23 cabina 900×1200 – structure
A23 cabina 1400×1400 – masonry shaft I1 cabina 800×1200 – masonry shaft
A23 cabina 1400×1400 – structure I1 cabina 800×1200 – structure
C1 cabina 900×1200 – masonry shaft I3 cabina 800×1200 – masonry shaft
C1 cabina 900×1200 – structure I3 cabina 800×1200 – structure
C12 cabina 900×1200 – masonry shaft I13 cabina 800×1200 – masonry shaft
C12 cabina 900×1200 – structure I13 cabina 800×1200 – structure
C13 cabina 900×1200 – masonry shaft R2 cabina 800×630 – masonry shaft
C13 cabina 900×1200 – structure R2 cabina 800×630 – structure
Voce di capitolato – Icaro G


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