ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Managementiso9001ICM Srl announced that in November 2015, its Quality Management System, has been recertified by the standard of ISO 9001: 2008, confirming the quality of its products and reaffirming the company’s policy, such as to satisfy continuity and attention to the needs of its customers, for the design, sale, manufacture, supply and installation of structures for lift shafts, lift platforms, carpentry and components for lifts.

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Certification activities of Transformation Center The present certificate of deposit has the sole purpose of identifying the Center of Transformation. In this sense, the certificate of deposit is not intended to certify the product’s technical suitability for different use for which the processing can be used and can not transfer the responsibilities of the Center for Transformation and designer at Central Technical Services, it being the responsibility of figures above each specific product application. This certificate is valid until the initial conditions, on the basis of which it was issued, do not undergo significant changes.

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Certificazione IQNET Quality Assurance Ltd tuv-uk

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