About Us

Research and production
ICM was established in 1989 to give life to a top player in the lift manufacturing industry.

The choice of having this new company operate in this business confirmed, over the years, the strategic value of this project.

Over the past years ICM has grown thanks to sizeable investments made in every corporate department, from sales to design, from management to manufacturing and logistics, though always with an eye on staff training and education.
ICM, thanks to the remarkable versatility of its design department, boasts a non-standardised production process, which adapts well to the multiple needs demanded by a variety of conditions.

ICM created a range of products targeted at the satisfaction of our customers with high technical and finish quality products. As such, it stands among the top companies in the market.

ICM’s main commitment goes to the metal shafts for lifting applications that accompanied its growth over the years.
Since 1996, with the launch of the ICARO mini lift solution, ICM has met all regulations regarding architectural barrier elimination, meeting the taste and favours of designers and technicians to be included in public and private architectural contexts, where a custom solution should be needed.
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