Forthcoming exhibitions
- Seatec a Massa 6 7 e 8 aprile 2016

- Liftex 2016 International a Londra 25 e 26 maggio 2016

- Italia Eleva a Roma 16 17 e 18 giugno 2016

New elevating platform Icaro E-Lift
New elevating platform Icaro E-Lift - geared motor with gear box

Branch Office ICM
via F.lli Bandiera, 12/B 20016 Pero (MI) - phone +39 02 37901044

New car frame 2013
New car frame 2013: easier to install and cheapest more over it is supplied in a different colour: black RAL 9005.

Metal Shaft
ICM metal shafts for
lifting applications
Lift Marine
A dedicated range for the yacht and luxury boat industry
Icaro Homelift
ICARO is a convenient and cost-effective platform designed to provide access
Goods Lift
The reduced-speed lifting platforms allow to reach an overall capacity up to 2000 kg